Drawing : Sculpture at Leeds Art Gallery

September 17, 2012

We are delighted that Drawing : Sculpture opened on Friday at Leeds Art Gallery. It was a busy opening weekend with lots of enquiries for the symposium to accompany the exhibition that we will hold on Thursday 25th October. The galleries look very minimal but seductive with fine lines and dramatic scales drawing the eye in towards detailed surfaces.

During the last week we have had several artists installing their work and it is always satisfying to see the different components come together and finally become an exhibition with art works that you have only seen on screen becoming real.

The exhibition includes work from the Leeds Art Gallery’s permanent collection displayed alongside work by seven contemporary artists. It explores the language of sculpture and drawing and how they work together or run in parallel. Mobiles by Alexander Calder and Lynn Chadwick from the mid 20th century present Modernist conceptions of ‘drawing in space’. These skeletal structures, made from wire and thin plates of metal, depart from the traditional concept of the art work as a static object and incorporate ideas, which are embedded in drawing, of motion and change and of form liberated from mass.

Sixty years later Martin Boyce and Alice Channer create works that reference such historical pieces but have suggestions of the material world, and are both abstract and expressive. Throughout the galley the line or sculptural forms create shadows and cast light on fine surfaces. Artists Lynn Chadwick, Barry Flanagan, and Eva Rothschild harness the primeval associations of drawing, using hieroglyphic symbols to create totemic objects, a grid scratched onto slate or a spiral etched into clay and perfect geometrical shapes cut into plastic and transposed one over another. The show feels graphic and monochrome but colour is present in Aleana Egan’s humble materials with folds in rich red and dark blue.

Accompanying the exhibition are a range of activities in our interactive Artspace from making mobiles to drawing from sculptures or on clear Perspex enabling visitors of all ages to engage in a fun way with the ideas in the exhibition. Our shop hasn’t been left out either, with some great gift ideas including mobiles which evoke the spirit of the show.

Pick up a gallery booklet with an essay by Anna Lovatt or download a copy from our website.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition.